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Hop Into Spring With Toasted Coconut Key Lime Puffs & I’ll Spring A Big Surprise On You!

Hop Into Spring With Toasted Coconut Key Lime Puffs & I’ll Spring A Big Surprise On You!

on Apr 20, 2015 | 1 comment

      Yes, I have been off the blogging radar for quite sometime. Ok, a real long time. There is really good reason for it, I promise. First let’s talk about spring. I love spring in the south! It’s not too too hot and definitely no longer cold, I consider it just perfect. Spring is the time of year I love to add citrus and bright colors to our desserts. One of my favorite flavors is key lime, so tart and tangy. What a delightful wake up to your slumbering winter tastebuds. I have worked an awful lot the past 3 months learning about choux and how to make it. As y’all know, I’m self taught in the kitchen and choux was only made by my Grandma for eclairs on Christmas Eve. I have never even seen it made. My Grandma gave me her super old cookbook as a gift, which is when I started experimenting. Choux sounds super fancy and by God it’s french. How’s this southern, self taught baker gonna pull it off. Many batches ended up in the trash. But I am now ready to share with y’all this simple choux recipe that can be filled with anything. From custards, puddings, pastry creams, and citrus curds, the sky’s the limit on what can be placed in these crunchy little balls. Today, I will be filling them with key lime pastry filling and topping them with some toasted coconut flakes. Now, on to where in the world have I been! I will be on Food Network’s new series¬†Spring Baking Championship,¬†which will premiere on April 26th at pm ET! Woohoo. So Exciting!!!!! It was so hard to not share with anyone that I would be baking my heart out on national tv, but now is the time I get to share my wonderful secret. I must say the moment I found out that I would be on the show, I was in my kitchen practicing every waking moment. I wanted to teach myself every recipe I didn’t know and practice every recipe I already knew. What an honor and OMG what a challenge. I must say the other 7 competitors are amazing and I have become extremely...

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