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Photo courtesy of Food Network Spring Baking Championship

Photo courtesy of Food Network Spring Baking Championship


My name is Juliana Evans and I’m the girl who is behind these delicious, unique, and award winning dessert recipes.

Ever since I was two, I’ve been baking in the kitchen…first with my mom, and now I have continued that tradition with my four beautiful girls. Baking has made a bond between us.  Add in that fact that baking it is educational and artistic all at the same time, it’s something that has become an integral part of our family.

I have recently found myself entering the “contesting” world, competing and designing dessert recipes to fit the needs of Company’s and customers’ ingredients. I love competing, I enjoy teaching others how to bake with love and get their children involved in the kitchen. I am absolutely addicted to live, timed competitions. There are so many adventures awaiting you and me in this big world full of desserts! I can’t wait to share all of my crafty ideas with you.

Over the years, I have developed quite the adventurous array of cupcake flavors and other delicious desserts that my family and friends haven’t been able to get enough of.  I want to share my love of desserts with the world.  I will be blogging here at and satisfying your cravings with creative recipes you will love.