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Biscoff Cookie Spread Transformed Into…Cookie Butter Lover’s Cake

Biscoff Cookie Spread Transformed Into…Cookie Butter Lover’s Cake

on Jul 16, 2014 | 5 comments




HEELLLLOOOOOO BEEEAAAAUUUUTIFUL! This cake is a thing of beauty! I can’t believe how happy everyone is with my new Cookie Butter Lover’s Cake. But, in all fairness, how can you look at this sweet goodness and NOT grab a fork?! My entire family and I are COMPLETELY head over heels for Biscoff’s Cookie Spread. It is heaven on a spoon. Seriously, don’t tell on me, but, I just bought 4 jars and I’m 100% sure they will disappear in a few days. Biscoff’s Cookie Spread is my new sweet tooth addiction. I crave this stuff something awful and my little girlies think it’s an acceptable breakfast item on toast. Ugh, just like their momma!




Biscoff’s Cookie Spread has been described as “Nectar From The God’s” and I certainly can’t disagree! The light and creamy flavors of cinnamon and Biscoff cookies gets my bells and whistles blowin. It’s no wonder I can’t stop thinking about the assortment of desserts I can create. I want to feature this spread in an array of desserts. But first, my heart must hold true to an old-fashion layer cake. The idea of reconstructing my peanut butter cake recipe and using Biscoff’s Cookie Spread, got me super excited. My plan was to not make the batter of this cake super sweet because I was planning on drenching this sponge in cookie spread! Plus, there was no doubt, I was going to top this cake with the most amazing, not overly sweet, super creamy, Biscoff Cookie Spread Buttercream! Can’t just stop there! I must further my Biscoff cookie and cookie spread obsession by crushing Biscoff cookies and smooshing them into the sides and top of the cake. Then top that purty-baby-cake off with melted Biscoff Cookie Spread! Are you drooling yet? It’s ashame it’s already gone because I would be taking a very unlady like bite right about now. So enough chit-chat let’s bake!





Cookie Butter Lover’s Cake

Yields: 24 standard cupcakes or 1-3 layer 6″ cake (feeds 10-12)


For The Cake


1 cup packed brown sugar

1/2 cup vegetable oil

1/2 cup instant vanilla pudding (1 box)

2 eggs

1 tbsp cinnamon

1 tsp pure vanilla extract

1/3 cup Biscoff* cookie spread

1 1/4 cups buttermilk

1 1/2 cups all purpose flour (no presifting, just measure out of bag)

1 1/2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp salt









1. Preheat oven to 375 for cupcakes or 350 for cake. For cupcakes line pan with paper liners or for a cake, prep pan with nonstick baking spray.

2. Sift over a dry ingredient bowl the flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt.

3. In an electric mixer combine oil and sugar.

4. Add in eggs, then instant pudding.

5. Next add cinnamon and vanilla extract.

6. Mix in cookie butter and beat medium to medium high about 30 seconds. Be sure to scrap sides of bowl.

7. Stir in buttermilk.




8. On lowest mixer setting, slowly stir in flour. When dry ingredients are mostly mixed in, turn off mixer and finish combining thoroughly by hand. Be sure to incorporate bottom!




9. If making cupcakes, use a 2 tbsp disher and fill liners 2/3rds way full. Or fill 6″ circle pans with 1 1/3 cups of batter.










10. Bake cupcakes 10-12 minutes at 375 OR bake cakes 25-30 minutes at 350. Tops will raise and spring back after touching lightly or use the toothpick method and insert into center. If it comes out clean, it’s done.

11. Allow cakes to cool in pan 5-10 minutes then move to cooling rack. If making layered cake, wrap in plastic wrap and place in freezer to make it easer to level off and stack. Prepare frosting while waiting.



photo 3-16




Biscoff Cookie Spread Buttercream Frosting





1 cup salted butter, softened

1 cup vegetable shortening

1 cup Biscoff cookie spread

5-6 cups powdered sugar



1. Beat butter and vegetable shortening on medium-high to high in electric mixer until smooth.

2. Add in Biscoff cookie spread and mix until smooth.




3. Slowly stir in sugar one cup at a time. I say 5-6 cups depending on the consistency you are looking for. If you accidentally add too much add a little bit of milk at a time to thin out.




4. Place frosting in a piping bag with a tip to make it easier to fill cakes or frost cupcakes.


Let’s Prepare Our Layered Cake!


serrated knife or cake layer cuter

cake board

lazy suzan for cake decorating

frosting knife (I like to use straight and bent)

bench scrap for cake sides



1. After removing layers from freezer, place back in appropriate sized pan and use a serrated knife to cut off domed top. Or I have a cake layer cuter from a local cake supply store.


photo 5-6



2. I like to use thick cardboard cake boards which you can also pick up at local cake supply shops. Dampen a paper towel with water and lay on lazy suzan. Place cake board on top of wet paper towel.

3. Place a dollop of frosting in the center of cake board and place bottom layer on top. Using a piping bag and leaving 1/2″ outer circle bare, fill with frosting in a circular motion.

4. Place middle layer on top and repeat with filling. Be sure to turn your lazy suzan to make it easier on you and make your filling even.

5. Place top layer. We will now crumb coat the cake. This way we won’t get pieces of cake showing through our frosting.


6. Coat the cake in a thin layer of Biscoff cookie spread frosting and place back in the freezer for about 30 minutes. This makes your crumb coat easy to frost!

7. Remove crumb coated cake from freezer and frost a thicker layer of frosting. Be sure to frost sides first then the top. I like to use a bench scrap tool to frost the sides of my cakes. Wipe frosting knife back into the bowl after every swipe. Plus clean often to get a nice look.






Topping The Cake



1 package of Biscoff Cookies

1/2 cup Biscoff Cookie Spread






1. In a food processor crush entire package of Biscoff cookies. Leave 1 or 2 intact for top decoration.

2. Place in a large bowl for coating cake later.

3. Put cookie spread in microwavable bowl. Microwave until thin, warm, and pourable. About 30-45 seconds. Stir well.

4. Holding cake over large bowl, using handfuls of crushed cookies, gently push crumbs into sides of cake. Be sure to coat well to cover crack between serving plate and cake.

5. Put cake down and gently cover top of cake with crushed cookies. Try to make as even as possible so our coating will flow evenly.




6. After cake is on a serving dish or wherever you intend to serve it on, take the melted Biscoff cookie spread and pour on the center top of cake. It will ooze down the sides and look amazing!





7. Take a handful of remaining cookie crumbs and sprinkle on top of cake.

8. Add a whole cookie on top for decor.






Now, I promise you this will be gone before you know it. This Cookie Butter Lover Cake is incredibly delectable and definitely not too sweet. It is a major crowd pleaser and there is no refrigeration necessary. Remember, I always say desserts taste best at room temperature! I just love bringing new trends into pretty, layered cakes. It’s gooey, homemade appeal will have your guests begging for the recipe. So, send your friends to my blog! XOXOXO