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Welcome to Graciously Sweet!

Welcome to Graciously Sweet!

on Jun 1, 2014 |

Most Mommies can appreciate the daily adventures of little eyes staring at you while on the toilet, fingers peeking under the closed bathroom door, and always having an attentive audience in the shower with you. In a house of 6, someone’s usually calling your name every 1-2 minutes and then quickly forgetting why. Screaming your name as if there is a catastrophe, only to discover they are out of juice. Freshly cleaned shirts & skirts have turned into tissues. My makeup drawer is no longer neatly organized, instead always scattered about with little fingerprints on the colorful squares of eyeshadow. Yet, somehow, these habits are always forgotten when that small hand is placed in mine or those little arms are wrapped around my neck. I celebrate the end of our hectic days with a yummy, sweet treat. My young munchkins are involved in most of my baking, boogers and all. It’s a time to learn, create and bond together. Wifehood, Mommyhood, and Bakerhood all mixed into one crazy life. I’m inspired by my beautiful, free-spirited, playful daughters. They have taught me that cute and elegant can always be combined. I manage to channel June Cleaver with a side of Britney Spears…Yeh, I said it. And let us not forget that EVERYTHING is better with glitter and...

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