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Swiss Cake Roll Ice Cream Pie

Swiss Cake Roll Ice Cream Pie

on Aug 9, 2017 |

  The perfect icy cold and sweet dessert to grace your summer table! The best part is it has only 3 ingredients! This Swiss Cake Roll Ice Cream Pie is a showstopper with a beautiful bottom “crust” made of sliced Little Debbie Swiss Rolls.     Swiss Cake Roll Ice Cream Pie Ingredients: 1 box of Little Debbie Swiss Rolls 1/2 gallon of ice cream, any flavor you like Whipped cream Chocolate fudge or syrup     Directions: To make the gorgeous patterned crust, grab a box of 12 Little Debbie Swiss Rolls (you won’t use all of them, only about 8 rolls) and slice each roll into 5 slices. Take a disposable aluminum pie tin (easiest to get the pie pieces out) and lay the slices with the frosting facing upwards in a circular pattern.   Cover the entire pie tin and sides with the Swiss Roll slices and place in the freezer. The simple filling is your favorite flavor ice cream, I chose vanilla. Which was softened, then poured into the Swiss Roll crust and then refrozen.   After the ice cream pie is completely frozen, add whipped cream. It’s the perfect garnish.     If you really want to make your Little Debbie Swiss Cake Roll Ice Cream Pie fancy, grab some chocolate fudge topping, place it in a plastic baggie and snip the end off. Drizzle each pie piece with chocolate fudge and an additional Swiss Roll slice. A fun alternative to serving a slice of ice cream pie on a plate is to stick a popsicle stick into the slice when it is slightly soft and place back in freezer to firm up. And there you have it, a beautiful handheld treat for everyone to enjoy!...

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