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Cute & Simple Happy Camper Kabobs!

Cute & Simple Happy Camper Kabobs!

on Jul 12, 2017 |


Keep an eye out for Little Debbie’s newest snack, Happy Camper Cakes! Bright and tasty green trees for the outdoor lover in all of us. I wanted to create something fun and easy to assemble while out camping, picnicking, or just getting the kids to be creative with their food.  My girls love having the choice of vanilla or chocolate Happy Camper Cakes as an element to their Happy Camper Kabobs. The sky is the limit on what you can skewer! Choose from your favorite fruits, marshmallows, and even use pretzel rods instead of a bamboo skewer.


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Happy Camper Kabobs


  • 1-2 boxes of Little Debbie Happy Camper Cakes (depends how many kabobs you are making.
  • 1 bag of standard marshmallows
  • 1 pound of fresh strawberries or any kind of fruit your little campers love!
  • Bamboo skewers or pretzel rods






  • Lay skewers and all fruit, marshmallows, and Little Debbie Happy Camper Cakes on clean surface.
  • Start by placing a piece of fruit, followed by a marshmallow and then a Little Debbie Happy Camper cake.



  • Repeat the pattern until the skewer is covered.
  • Enjoy eating by a fire, pool, or lounging around outdoors.