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Ghirardelli Ultimate S’mores Contest Is In The Bag!

Ghirardelli Ultimate S’mores Contest Is In The Bag!

on Aug 11, 2014 |




If you are not on my Facebook page, Twitter, or Ghirardelli’s fan pages, then you haven’t heard that I am the grand prize winner of The Ultimate S’mores Contest!!! Yes sir, I won their national contest for the most creative s’mores recipe. If you have been following my blog then you will remember my post on my Mini Mason Jar S’mores Shakes. Those sweet, little frozen treats brought home the grand prize of a year’s supply of Ghirardelli Chocolate and a $5000 ultimate s’mores party provided by Ghirardelli!!! Woohoo, my family and friends are SO excited! This past Wednesday was huge for us because not only did I discover that I was the winner of Ghirardelli’s Ultimate S’mores Contest, but also won a place to compete in the World Food Championship 2014.




Yes, I almost fell over and no matter what kind of chaos was going round our disheveled house, it was in no way going to bring me down. I seem to be on a roll these days, which usually isn’t the case. Telling the girls and Trip (the ultimate Ghirardelli lover) that I won, was absolutely amazing. The excitement filled our car when we found out and I promised the girls that they could have an unlimited number of their friends come and celebrate with us. Can you just imagine a bunch of 7, 5, and 3 year old kids with endless sugary s’mores? Hence the reason this Ultimate S’mores party will NOT be at the Evans’ household! Even though Gwennie didn’t understand there was no holding her back…





Here is the link to my award winning shake! I hope you take sometime to celebrate with me and sip on that cool, s’mores goodness! XOXO

My Mini Mason Jar S’mores Shakes