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Help Me Become Truvia Sugar’s First Ever Baking Star!!!!!!

Help Me Become Truvia Sugar’s First Ever Baking Star!!!!!!

on Oct 22, 2014 |




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So yeh, you’re probably thinking, “where has she been?”. “Where are some new recipe blogs?”. Well, let me just apologize and simple explain by saying it has been more chaotic than normal in the Evans’ household. I have been extremely busy perfecting secret recipes to use for in Las Vegas for the World Food Championships this November. Wow, talk about stressful! So confusing on what types of goodies to create and questioning whether or not the judges will swoon. I mean, I don’t even know who the dessert judges will be, so I can’t even do a little research to see what their palates favor. Frantic, dramatic, and sugar overloaded is my household these days.

Besides preparing almost daily for the WFC, I have been “contesting” like a mad mama. And I have found out that I have a talent for them! Now, the contests I have been entering are not just luck of the draw…they are creative outlets for my mommy brain. My new found addiction, besides cookie butter, ranges anywhere from social media videos, prints, to recipe submissions.

I have recently been named the Entenmann’s Donut photo Grand prize winner, $365 in Entenmann’s coupons (a years supply).




A runner up in Welch’s Fruit Snacks Lunchbox Notes. This is where Gracie and I designed a fun lunchbox note together and took a cute photo of it.




I also received a 5th place award from Lawry’s Marinades for a print I submitted for Happy Chaos moments during dinner!




These are just a few of my wins and now I feel I have appropriately explained my disappearance!


There is one more point to this blog post before I continue editing some drafted recipe posts…I am a top 10 finalist to be Truvia’s Sugars First Baking Star! Yup, it’s amazing. I am extremely excited about this opportunity and can only hope I will receive enough votes to fly to New York on November 19th (yes, the day after WFC) and compete against 3 other bakers for a grand prize of a professional video shoot for my recipe! How FREAKING cool is that? I have really enjoyed venturing into the video realm and I feel pretty confident that I can bake on camera.

So my fine blog followers/readers, would you please take a couple minutes of your day and vote for my video? All you have to do is go to and enter your email address. Then my Hidden Treasure Cookies recipe video is the second one in line, Juliana E.. We can vote once a day and it WILL ONLY ALLOW YOU TO VOTE ON A PC, LAPTOP, OR MAC. No mobile devices will allow a vote entry. This is a very simple recipe and you have seen my stuffed cookie recipes before, this one is just made with Truvia sugars and sugar free candies!