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HOOD Calorie Countdown’s Blogger Cookoff!

HOOD Calorie Countdown’s Blogger Cookoff!

on May 20, 2018 |

6 popular food/lifestyle bloggers competed in the first ever, HOOD Calorie Countdown Cookoff.


As ya’ll know, I have partnered with HOOD Calorie Countdown to share with all of you the wonderful benefits and flavors HOOD has to offer. I have been so fortunate to taste all of the wonderful HOOD Calorie Countdown options. Hopefully, ya’ll have had an opportunity to run to Walmart or Publix to grab a carton and experiment in your own kitchen endeavors too.




Even though I wasn’t competing, I still have to get my hands on some dishes and style!



For delicious recipes, like this peach smoothie, click this photo to head to



HOOD Calorie Countdown is a great tasting lower calorie and lower sugar substitution for milk in all of your favorite recipes. Calorie Countdown offers 33% less calories and 75% less sugars than regular milk. I believe I have said it before, but HOOD Calorie Countdown is my family’s absolute favorite in the dairy beverage choices.




I was so excited to help HOOD Calorie Countdown host their first ever, blogger cookoff competition. HOOD invited some of Florida’s popular, food bloggers to learn about HOOD and compete in a cookoff. There were 2 major requirements, bring your best recipe and feature Calorie Countdown as a main ingredient. The winner of the 60 minute cookoff would go home with a $500 Walmart gift card.



















The smells in the kitchen were so amazing. I wish you could scratch and sniff each of these photos! It was so much fun to wander around the cookoff and speak with each of the competing bloggers. I loved being on the other side of a cooking competition, granted, I am usually the one sweating bullets over the oven. Visiting each competitor, asking questions about their recipes, and getting to taste all of the yummy dishes were beyond invigorating for me. I really enjoyed seeing all of the creative and tasty ways HOOD Calorie Countdown was incorporated into very different dishes. I will also say, I was very happy that I was not asked to be the judge! I honestly do NOT know how Liz Ward, nutritionist from HOOD, was able to chose just one winner.














And we have an official winner, Josee Lanzi with her Sundried Tomato Smoked Gouda Mac & Cheese Souffle


In honor of the HOOD Calorie Countdown Cookoff, I will be hosting a $50 Walmart gift card give-away on my Instagram page. If you would like to throw your name into “a hat” for a chance to win a few bucks, head to @graciouslysweetlife on IG and like my page. Be ready for instructions on how to enter the Walmart gift card give-away. Here are some really beautiful shots of all the finished dishes. I hope each dish inspires you to run to the store and pick up a carton of HOOD Calorie Countdown.