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My Cookie Spread Obsession Continues…Super Easy, Biscoff Cookies & Swirls Ice Cream

My Cookie Spread Obsession Continues…Super Easy, Biscoff Cookies & Swirls Ice Cream

on Jul 26, 2014 |




This weekend, I found myself eating spoonfuls of Biscoff Cookie Spread (yes, again). Geeze, that stuff is WAY addicting and there is no way you can eat just one bite! I can’t even tell you how the thought of this warm, cinnamon, buttery goop just makes me drool. Yeah, I am in serious need of cookie spread counseling, I know…

I had the idea of turning this fabulous stuff into ice cream. No, not the homemade, churn-your-own ice cream kind. But the simple, fast, and tasty way to make your own flavored ice cream at home. YES, you CAN do this too, I promise. This Biscoff Cookies and Swirls Ice Cream was gone in 2 hours, that’s right 2 hours. I would love for Biscoff to take this idea and run with it! I took my family’s favorite, store-bought, vanilla ice cream and mixed in crushed Biscoff cookies and swirled in a bunch of Biscoff’s Cookie Spread. It’s ok to say OMG at this point…The picture on top pretty much speaks for itself. These were the mini cones I made for my little ladies. They could have certainly eaten a full sized cone, but then there wouldn’t have been enough left for my late night gorging.


photo 1-15


I smartly and very tastefully dressed these mini cones with a melted Biscoff Cookie Spread drizzle and half of a Biscoff cookie. This made the perfect, summer afternoon treat.




But wait, you know I didn’t stop there! OH NO, this Biscoff Cookie and Swirls Ice Cream had so many possibilities and the outcomes are endless! I took that amazing, cold, delicious cookie concoction and made them into sundaes…





and ice cream sandwiches!





These creamy cinnamon-nie treats were incredibly delectable. I actually made more the next day. My girls are really just adoring this Biscoff Cookie and Swirls ice cream, just look at the happiness in her mouth!





Are you ready for my super simple, anyone can make it, Biscoff Cookies and Swirls Ice Cream? Welcome to your new craving!




Biscoff Cookies & Swirls Ice Cream



2 cups of your favorite vanilla ice cream, softened

1 1/2 cups crushed Biscoff cookies (about half a package)

1 cup Biscoff Cookie Spread






1. Sit your 2 cups of ice cream out in a large mixing bowl. We want it to become soft and melted, so it will be easier to mix our Biscoff goodies into.

2. While your ice cream is softening (you can always stick it in the microwave 30 sec-1 min), in a food processor crush your Biscoff Cookies.




3. Dump your cookie crumbs into the vanilla ice cream. With hand-held electric mixer, mix Biscoff cookie crumbs in thoroughly.

4. Add in cookie spread, but don’t mix well. We want it to be chunky and have large swirls and bits through out the ice cream.




5. Cover bowl with plastic wrap and place in freezer for at least 4 hours. It will scoop the best if it sits overnight (if you can wait that long).

6. Whether you are making cones, sandwiches, or sundaes you will want to take about 1/3-1/2 cup of the pure Biscoff cookie spread in a microwavable bowl and heat it about 30-45 seconds until it has thinned and is a pourable consistency. This adds a heightened level of tastiness to those ice cream treats!




Again, the possibilities are endless with my Biscoff Cookies and Swirls Ice Cream! Tonight it will be old fashion milkshakes! Hope y’all enjoy and feed your cookie spread addiction just as much as I do!