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Pumpkin Spice Crispy Waffle Treats

Pumpkin Spice Crispy Waffle Treats

on Sep 22, 2014 |

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Came across those Eggo pumpkin spice frozen waffles today. Yup, bought them and double yup…made my Crispy Waffle Treats with them! And let me just tell you they are SUPER simple and SUPER D-licous!!!! I LOVE all things pumpkin and I am getting ready to bombard this blog with a plethora of pumpkiny desserts. So, I will apologize in advance for the pumpkin exhaustion. Not much to say about these little treats, except there are only 4 ingredients. For step by step pictures, please refer to my Crispy Maple Waffle Treat recipe.

Let’s start baking…


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Pumpkin Spice Crispy Waffle Treats



1 box of pumpkin spice flavored frozen waffles

1.5 tbsp of salted butter

2  cups of mini marshmallows

1/3 cup cinnamon baking morsels (in the baking isle of grocer)



1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Unwrap entire box of waffles. Place a baking rack on top of a cookie sheet. Put all waffles on rack and bake in oven 8-10 minutes until crispy.

2. Using a food processor, crush the toasted waffles up to the size of a nickel. Then remove the baking rack and spread waffles out on cookie sheet. Bake again 7-10 minutes to crisp.

3. In a medium pot on medium heat, melt butter and only 2 cups of marshmallows. When fully melted, remove from heat and add in toasted waffle pieces. Mix until all pieces are covered in the mixture.

4. Stir in the cinnamon baking chips.

5. Place warm waffle treat mixture on parchment paper & flatten with hand (spray your hand with nonstick spray). Allow to cool & cut 12 snack size servings.


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