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The Perfect Dessert Cocktail..Adult Milk & Cookies!

The Perfect Dessert Cocktail..Adult Milk & Cookies!

on Jul 15, 2015 |



Y’all know I don’t just dabble with chewable desserts, right? I mean, my previous post was the Buttery Wizard Shake, which is perfectly awesome and sweet. But what about those times we want to kick back and enjoy a cocktail, but are not really in the mood for something fruity?

Well darling, do I have one for you! This recipe,  Adult Milk & Cookies, is a show stopper. Can’t you just imagine a party with a table full of these cute little milk bottles perfectly dripping with chocolate ganache? Adult Milk & Cookies cocktails look like they belong in a magazine. You can also make these kid friendly so your littles don’t have to miss out on the fun.




Adult Milk & Cookies cocktail is pretty simple to make and of course (and always) there’s a couple of secret ingredients that make it SOOO good. White cake mix and Marshmallow vodka are swirled inside a blender with vanilla ice cream, vanilla extract, and heavy cream. Pretty sweet concept.




The kicker of these cocktails is the presentation. Glass bottles and mason jars are everywhere now a days. I picked up these super cute milk glass bottles at Michaels, but have also purchased some at Old Time Pottery. And let’s not get me started on those cute paper straws, I have way too many and thanks to the wide varieties available at craft stores, I am always properly stocked.

The warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies are homemade, which you can whip up the recipe with this link, Chocolate Chip Cookies.

And my simple chocolate ganache recipe can be whipped up in a couple of minutes or you can just melt some semi-sweet chocolate chips with a bit of vegetable oil in the microwave and that will do the trick too (but definitely not as decadent).

While we are on the subject of cocktails, let me share with you some exciting news that is headed to Orlando, Florida September 18-20th! It’s The Americas Cake and Sugarcraft Fair, but the reason I speak of this fun event today is to let y’all know there will be a Sugar Arts Fashion Show and Cocktail Party!! Woohoo, can you just imagine it? You have an opportunity to watch a beautiful fashion show that is completely edible. I have seen this stuff on tv, but never in person and I just can’t wait. You can have an adult beverage and kick back and enjoy the beauty of sugar and chocolate formed into clothes! So, if this is right up your alley, you can head on over to and purchase convention tickets and fashion show tickets ahead of time to get a super nice discount 🙂


Here is a little snip-it from





On Friday night, the show floor will be transformed into a high-fashion haven, where haute chocolate couture and sinfully delectable designs will dominate the runway.

More than a dozen celebrated sugar, cake, and chocolate craftsmen and women will masterfully design these edible ensembles that will take over the cat walk – ahem, cake walk – to showcase a new wave of fashion that will melt in your mouth.

A multitude of mediums will be used to create these mouthwatering designs including cake, chocolate, fondant, pulled sugar, blown sugar, royal icing, and much more.

Seating is limited. Order your tickets today! Fashion show tickets are $150 each and include entry to the evening’s cocktail reception.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the show! I am super excited to be able to attend this year’s Americas Cake And Sugarcraft Fair hosted by Satin Ice.


Let’s start baking…


Adult Milk & Cookies

Yields: 4-6 servings (depending on glass)






2 cups of vanilla ice cream

1 tbsp of clear imitation vanilla

1/4 cup of dry white cake mix

1/3 cup of marshmallow vodka

1 cup heavy cream




Chocolate chip cookies, must be soft to cut and squish onto glass

Chocolate ganache (1/2 cup of heavy cream heated until very hot in microwave and stir in 1 cup of semi sweet chips)








1. Bake chocolate chip cookies. My recipe can be found here: Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip cookies or buy Kebler’s soft batch or the grocery stores “soft” chocolate chip cookies.

2. In a blender combine the ice cream, heavy cream, vanilla, marshmallow vodka, and dry white cake mix. Puree until thin like milk. Remember we are making a cocktail that resembles milk, which is why it should be thin. (Of course for minors, please remove the vodka)

3. In a microwavable bowl, make the chocolate ganache. Heat heavy cream until very hot then stir in chocolate chips until mixture becomes dark and smooth.

4. Take a glass and dip into the chocolate ganache. Allow it to drip a bit down the sides. It will set up more quickly if you set in the freezer for about 10 minutes. But there is really no need, I think people like being able to lick the chocolate 🙂




5. Pour the “milk” cocktail into the glass.

6. Take a chocolate chip cookie and using a knife, cut a small slit from the center of the cookie to the edge. Push the cookie down on the rim of the glass.




7. Add your straw and tag-dah your done and have an amazing Adult Milk & Cookies cocktail