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Woohoo! Another Win For The Record Books!

Woohoo! Another Win For The Record Books!

on Oct 1, 2014 |





Ya see what Ethel from Frank’s Red Hot is riding on? Well, it’s mine!!! SQUEEE! That’s right, I am the grand prize winner for a Frank’s Red Hot motorcycle!!! I can’t believe it. I am new to contesting, but not new to photography, art, and baking. But I am seriously blown away that within 30 days, I have bagged 2 grand prizes and a ticket to the World Food Championship in Las Vegas this year. Wow, takes away my breath. My photo submissions through Instagram were chosen as finalists in August and one of them was the grand prize winner! Crazy. Best part is, whether it be coincidence or destiny, I have been learning to ride my husband’s ridiculously fast, track motorcycle. Granted, I haven’t been outside of the parking lot, it is a lot of fun. My family was super duper excited that we will be receiving the motorcycle in a few weeks. The only problem is how am I going to rig 4 carseats on this thing? Here are some of my entry shots. The last shot of the card game is the one that brought home my 2 wheel prize.